Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bhutan Dragons- The Emblem

The Bhutan Dragons MC – Love To Ride; Ride To Love, And In & Between Pit-Stops, Shower Gestures of Love...

A motorcycle is every kid’s dream and it is no different in Bhutan as horses gradually gave way to paved roads. The thrill of that throbbing pulsation in between the legs however ebbs with time and age. Not to mention career, wife and children. Yet, for some, however, calls for measures other than the solitary sweep of the highway.

It is about bringing the boys or men now, back to the fold. It i
s about reviving that passion, even if it be momentary escapades back into the wonder years.

A motorcycle club may sound rather an anomaly for Bhutan. But it is part and parcel of all the change underway here. New trends inevitable emerge. The important factor here is just how well that trend is incorporated into the big picture – that of a nation in the pursuit of Gross National Happiness. The club is about preserving the sanctity of the past, encapsulating the present and envisaging the needs of the future.

Its vision is a wholesome as the goal of the nation. It is more than the club slogan of love to ride, ride to love.’ It is spreading a small measure of happiness on two wheels....

(^) Love To Ride; Ride To Love - {{{::::::::::::>>>

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