Saturday, March 31, 2012

RandomKingdom- The XIII Images

ChanaWalla Chap Wonders If These are Dacoits 
As in Toxic Sing

Notice CheerLeaders?

Tarz N Veep Pokes Cameraman

No Clue!

Bikes Flanks +Rider & X 
The Khola stop

Pose 4Posterity

Tarz gets bad news. AgRider Eats. Pale & Toxic goDumb

TarzGetConfusing GoodNews. PalePosing-ToxicConversing

Men Who Stare at Cameras

TarzStillCOnfused. PaleAnimates...





PosingMonkees; SlouchingDragons

She'sObviously aPoleDancer; The Others Shy..

She Ups The Ante on The Pole

Spot The Missing Link!

Monkey On Road Bound to Entertain 
Dunno Who Laughed at Whom

Men In Shack Will Soon Pack

"Get a Load of These Wankers!"

Every Stop is a Spot of Bum Relief

The Veep ws Shot By Said poleDancingMonkey

Where There's a Camp There's a Fire

Going back Up is always the Downer!

Phant to Play Mr Phant in The Matrix Concluded

Even Bullets Rest, albeit Oddly

Bohemian Crapsody

These Palms are made for Smokiing

Same Indian Chap TailGates us Disguised as Merchant of Cloth

The Gods are Peaceful porch

There's Always the Bullet Without a Clue

He Who Bellyful Smiles

The Procrastinators Meeting has Been Delayed!

(^) Love To Ride; Ride To Love - {{{::::::::::::>>>


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