Monday, March 26, 2012


Appy Campers go Bum Fulla Dung 
Rest Horses 
Thats the X-Trap

Bab'll Not :)

When Bab Doth :) We Go :(

Drongsa Dullards Can't Find Trongsa Fortress

Dunder Rider's Slumber

Pales CrossBow Powering Nap

DayWalker Sits

ZoneLinkThang Punabs Ungrounded

Dik The PussyCat Snarls

We Thought This Was BlueRidge Mountains

ThizIzCapJendrix- GivenName Sangay Yeshi- Raking Name Captain. We Prefer Cap Jendrix

Funny Thing... You Chaps Remind me of That Funny Old WHite Haired Chap in Red Overalls With a Paunch.... Santa! Yup... Santa Claws (really quoted!)

Shit Happens & u Gotta Find the Loo

If Your Arse Goes Dead, The StopOver is The Destination

Home Is Where The Problem Izz

IftheAnswer Is Blowin'InTheWind,We're All Duds

ManWhoSleeps NapsNDreamsNrests

Way To Man's Belly Thru His Wallet

Every Dog Has His Itch

Curiosity Didn't Steal Your Bike; The Thief Did

Whats Given Is No More Claimed

One Man's Ride has Nothing to Do with Another Man's Drive

Folks Who Snap Bound To Photograph, & Upload Anything
(^) Love To Ride; Ride To Love - {{{::::::::::::>>>

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Sushil Pingua. said...

Beautifully synchronised company... :)