Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Lateral Ride is Next! Gear Up!!!

dear dragons........good wishes to all!

below is the final program for the 14/15th charity ride...........as per the meeting held on 17th march at nobu's:

members in attendance - tr, xr, ar, br, bap r, t.tobgay, sr, +ve r, pr 

sponsors - cool rider and bhutan & beyond
partners - "help shoe bhutan" - dawa (500 pairs of shoes) and "condom man" (awaiting confirmation....members wanted him to come along and distribute free condoms and spread awareness all through the ride as he does best)
chief co-ordinator - macho don rider 

date - 21st april - 29th april

21 (sat ) - bumthang
22 (sun) - Trashigang (kanglung - near sherubtse college)....
23 (mon) - Trashiyangtse.........donation of 100 pairs of shoes and clothes to the 'ssu' club of sherubtse college in the morning....
24 (tue)  - charity and halt
25 (wed) - Lhuentse
26 (thu)  - charity and halt
27 (fri)    - bumthang
28 (sat) - punakha
29 (sun) - thimphu

total riding distance - 1,400 km approx!! so dragons....start riding n preparing for the grueling ride ahead n servicing ur bikes.........

dragons confirmed so far for the ride:

01 - x rider
02 - swiss rider
03 - toxic rider
04 - bap rider
05 - macho don rider
06 - +ve rider
07 - born rider
08 - tshering (prospect)
09 - ganjung (prospect - still tentative)
10 - cool rider
11 - pale rider
12 - dawa - but in the luggage van

** awaiting confirmation from other riders...sooner the better guys!!

invitees - two riders have expressed their desire to ride with us only on the first day till bumthang....

well that's it for now...will update all on the charity bit as soon as i get word from mdr and the condom man!!

should be one of the most interesting rides due to so many factors...........can't wait for it!!

pale rider

ps: -  toxic rider will now be hosting our new website (present one now defunct) very soon and it should be one masterpiece:) ....like his blog! many thanks to him also for his articles and the photos on his blog and our facebook site....article on the 13th ride soon to be published in the april issue of the youth magazine.....................
     - may also be making a documentary on this ride by one of bhutan's famous cameraman 'gyetshe'

(^) LOVE TO RIDE; RIDE TO LOVE - {{{::::::::::::>>>

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