Monday, April 16, 2012

Its Spring Riding Notes (Predestinarianism: Whatever Happens is Already Fixed!)

dear dear dragons.....

i would like to start by thanking all members, prospects and partners for attending the meeting held last weekend....many thanks for your inputs and presence............

have attached all details of the ride.........

following are some additional points:

- have now decided to help all 54 families identified (around 110 in all)....all will be given the following irrespective of the size of the family due to severe budget constraints....what matters is that we will in a way be helping them and the gesture is also symbolic:

50 kg of rice, 15 lt of oil, 01 blanket, 01 mattress, pair of shoe and socks for all...........

- we will also be identifying people in dire need of help and assistance and informing all charities, ngos, csos, etc...accordingly upon our return.....the best part is that BBS will also be there documenting their conditions and interviewing them too.....should be good in terms of awareness and help thereof.............

- some members have also decided to give the most needy voluntary cash donations.............

Cool rider, CEO of Druk Wang Alloys Ltd. has decided to contribute towards all recipients from Trashiyangtse!!!!!!!! many thanks for his generosity and may the gods smile down on him.............

members not participating for the ride have also contributed towards the Lhuentse charity...they are:

Steel rider and his wife Deki Choden - 10,000
Aggie rider - 10,000
KTM rider - 5,000
Fire rider - 10,000
Chilip (prospect) - 10,000
Rinzin Wangda (prospect) - 5,000 + pick-up truck with driver and fuel for the duration of the ride!!!
Sangay Khandu (prospect) - 600 Euros ....I feel his passion for riding and charity says it all....membership is most certain for him!! thank you Sato for your generous contribution towards this noble cause!!!

our heartfelt thanks to them for their donations without which the charity would not have been possible...........true the core........more would have been welcome but we may have to do with what we have................

bhutan dragons and bhutan & beyond contributions are towards the truck hire, staff daily allowances, ration, banners + others........which in itself is quite substantial by our club standards!!

all in all the charity this time is the biggest by far and the budget the largest by far too............

"condom-man" sadly cannot make it this time due to pressing engagements in his workplace....he send his regrets yet best wishes to all.........

will have our last meeting on 21st april (saturday) at our clubhouse.....5pm sharp........

pale rider

"ride to love - love to ride"

ps: toxic - pls. send your script for bbs to ponder on asap:)

14/15th Charity Ride Notes:

- Charity Budget (t/yangtse & lhuntse)
- Charity recipients
- Transport expenses (DCM hire)
- Ration expenses
- Other expenses
- TA/DA for staff x 03
- Bike spares and mechanic
- Banners
- Tents
- Shoes (help shoe bhutan), condoms (condom man), clothes and other charity items
- Rider's/invitees contribution....NU. 1,000 pp
- Tips or 'soelra' for assistance rendered all through the ride
- Extra funds for emergencies

Tour Itinerary                                                                      Meals
23/04 - bumthang ...yeshi's guest house                           dinner
24/04 - kanglung (trashigang)                           b/fast/dinner
25/04 - at toetsho         **                  b/fast/lunch/dinner
26/04 - at chorten kora **                  b/fast/lunch/dinner
27/04 - at khoma                           b/fast/lunch/dinner
28/04 - at khoma **                           b/fast/lunch/dinner
29/04 - bumthang....yeshi's guest house                           b/fast/dinner
30/04 - at zomlithang                           b/fast/dinner
01/04 - thimphu                                             b/fast
** charity

Charity details:
a) Trashiyangtse
b) Lhuntse
c) Trashigang (Sherubtse College)

 Help Shoe Bhutan                     

1. Chimi - Druk Wang Alloys Ltd.        
2. Bhutan & Beyond
3. Aussie lady (clothes for children)
4. Dragons (not on tour)
5. Rinzin Wangda - prospect
6. Sangay Khandu - prospect

Chief Co-ordinator  - Macho Don Rider
Riders confirmed:
01. Macho Don
02. Toxic
03. Swiss Drukpa
04. Bap
05. Gangjung
06. Born
07. Cool
08. X
09. Pale
10. Tshering Tobgay
11. Sato (prospect) - #17111314 (
12. Parop

Invitees (till Bumthang) :
1. Nono
2. SNV

Others: Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) - Karma Dorji # 17116940, Tshering Penjor # 17536553 + cameraman

Notes for Dragons on Tour:
a) please collect your patches before the ride from the clubhouse
b) sleeping bags and mats a must
c) first-aid kits or medicines
d) back straps as we will be pushing ourselves - will be worth it!
e) wet riding gear - may be the possibility of rain
f) extra change of clothes
g) protective riding gear
h) lamps and torches - no generator set this time!
i) all riders to bring along their plates, spoons/forks and mugs
j) toiletries

Travelling distances:
Distance (Km)
Thimphu – Bumthang

Bumthang - Trashigang – Kanglung

Trashigang - Trashiyangtse

Trashiyangtse – Lhuntse

Lhuntse - Bumthang

Bumthang - Punakha

Punakha - Thimphu

1,398 approx
Avg. distance - 153.3 kms approx daily!
++ kms as we will be riding during our halt days



"I'd Rather B Generous 2a Fault Then Suffer Keepin' It all In a Vault. Plus Whoever Died of Kindness?"- 
IntoXicated Idiot.

(^) Love To Ride; Ride To Love - {{{::::::::::::>>>

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