Wednesday, May 2, 2012

From on Top of The Mountains; Down To The Valleys... Another Grand Grinding Grin of a Ride... 1200+KM & We Are Back ... Well Done Dragons.... Well Done Indeed :D In Memory of & Dedicated to Robin; RIP Brother, We'll Always Have You In Our Hearts & (^)

It All Starts Clean and Fresh

Morning Banter at Club Nobu

One For The Archives

Boy Are We Raring!

Till The Dirt Hits...

The Magic of the Movement

The Tragedy of The Spine


We Are Even Eco-Friendly... Check Out The Presidential Colors!

PitStop No? Who's Counting???

Dawa's Neat... Banner's Handsome....

You Should See This Banner Now!

Pit Stop No?

Places Where Real Folks Still Live

And Wave...

Shacks of Warmth

Daddy Cool...

None of What We Drink!

God's Own Country

Where Heavens Touch The Earth

And Houses Stay Rooted

Fields of Friendly Folks

Now We Get Down and Dirty

Green Scene....

Dunno Where HE Found The JOKERS!

And The Jokers Gang Up On This Nice Fella

Boy Does This Make Aggie and Sato Smile!

Even if There Be Nothing,...



Colorful Trees Made of Tora Bora? Prayer Flags, Chaps, Prayer Flags

Country Roads...
(^) Love To Ride; Ride To Love - {{{::::::::::::>>>

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Gyembo Namgyal said...

Beautiful pictorial diary.....loved TORA BORA and colourful trees!!!