Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Blessed Day In Zombie Ling Thang

Arared Out

Pete's Arse Warms

Toxic Happy With The Hand Me Downs Punjabi Sandals

And Somebody's Ousted Kurta Shirt

Bottoms Up!


Sato Can't Believe The KurShirt

And Then U Went Flat, Says Don To Swiss

The Nou Camp

Toxic Goes All Pietytious

The State of The President

When Dragons Leave...

The Presidential Prostration

Aka The Rear View

Swiss Rider's Flat Bullet

None In These Tents...

Don's Crippled Bull

Rest Horses

The Morning After, The Nite's Recollected

Toxic Walks

Hijacked Camps Where Swiss Arm-wrestles The 70yr ol' Incharger, Ap G: Deadlock!

The Bongo Boyz

Or Men 2 Boyzz

Crises... WHat Crises?

To The Fairway

Tents Hijacked By Dragons

No Recall

Sanu acting Thulo

Don Emphasizes He The Mang!

Has To Re-Emphasize...

Make That Three Emphasizers

By THen We Give In

As Does a Hopeless Swiss

The Four Disharmonious Mites

That Gang Along; Pretty Well.

No Klue!


Sato's Saat Pheri

I'm Telling u... This Helmet Don;t Fit in This Head

Bap Explains The Magnanimity of Global Warming... Says i Was White...



Google Chrome?

Bullet Chrome Anyday!

Sato's Pony

The Part Where HelpShoeRider Shoots a Vain Toxic

Who Promptly Gets Up 2Pose... With Sexy!

And Poses...

Thank God It Ends!

(^) Love To Ride; Ride To Love - {{{::::::::::::>>>

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